Manufacturers Still 'Hide' Motor 1000cc?

Marc VDS BMW Pabrikan Masih Sembunyikan Motor 1000cc?First, after the Mugello race official test is planned to connect the first official test of the 1000 motorcycle manufacturer Moto GP participants as well as new teams that have confirmed. In fact, tested the sole official test Marc VDS Racing Team the 1000 motorcycle engine.

Marc VDS BMW 1000cc Motor Manufacturing still hide?

Yamaha's already confirmed to the public for the first time her bike at Mugello 1000 decided to postpone the plan until after the Brno GP show. In the meantime, Ducati decided to test before the Italian Grand Prix takes place. Both then the official tests this time.

While Honda would prefer to try to focus on a few components for their 800cc motorcycles. Previously, Casey Stoner has time to review the 1000 cc Honda had tried for two days in Jerez, while Dani Pedrosa has not had time to try it, because when did a private test that he was still injured.

HRC Mugello test was then made ​​that the last test with a 800cc engine. Pilot-test the next is the prototype of the engine for the upcoming 2012 season.

In any event, it test-conscious manufacturers, they will not appear on the official prototype 1000 Mugello. Fear of the power can be quickly read by the enemy?

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