Porsche Cayenne and Panamera sellers in Asia

Singapore - Porsche Cayenne and Panamera become the best-selling duo of Porsche products in Asia Pacific. Porsche Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (PAP) announced during the first half of 2011 - January to June - the PAP record sales of 2010 units or more than double the same period in 2010. Cayenne Panamera menyumbangka 55 percent and 27 percent.

Porsche's statement mentions during the year 2011, the New Cayenne sales reached 1081 units. From the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) was released in July 2010 and then, the New Cayenne has sold 1701 units.

The second model that gives the biggest contribution is the Panamera has a total of 8 variants, where three of them have been introduced at the beginning of this year. Mentoring model four-door Gran posted record sales of 546 units from the beginning until the end of June this year.

"These sales figures indicate if a Porsche is not only strong in the segment with the iconic 911 sports car, but also the Panamera and the Cayenne. We are confident to achieve more sales more than last year in the Asia Pacific region," said Christer Ekberg, Managing Director of Porsche Asia Pacific in keteranganya.

As for the region, Taiwan accounted for 32 percent while South Korea's 30 percent. Singapore and Malaysia each with a contribution of 14 and 10 percent.

What about Indonesia? Dinne Musu PR Manager of PT Artha Utama Eurokars Porsche distributor in Indonesia said Indonesia donate as much as 12 percent of sales. "This figure is similar to the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam," he said.
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We know the Computer Problems

The computer detects the problem really is not much different from you detect a lack of seasoning on the food (in the context of detecting damage to the public). It is important for you to know Things are actually from the computer you use or you will experience this problem again and again in the future.
If a dish of food was bland, you have to do is add salt or if a dish was already sour and smell means the dish is already stale and must be discarded. Likewise with your computer is slow there are many possible reasons, the following simple tips to detect the most likely cause your computer problems.

Laptop / Computer Slow

There are so many factors that can cause slow running laptop include:
1. Hard Drive Capacity
See hard disk capacity is used, If the hard drive capacity is used up 90% then the laptop will experience a drastic loss in performance. Backup your data that is rarely used (archive) into another medium, into a DVD for example, or another alternative to add capacity laptop hard drive, try the remaining space more than 20%.
Perform defragmentation regularly, so your hard drive is running optimally.
2. Virus
The virus is also one of the main causes of slow running computer, why slow down a computer virus? Viruses are always interrupt the algorithm of an application that has been infected by the virus, but it also makes the virus that interferes with the services. Scan and clean your hard drive for viruses, if your system is infected by a virus then this way will surely greatly increase the performance of your computer.
3. Too Many Applications installed
Any programs / applications that are installed to add a new burden on your computer, the Inventory application again anything what you need. It's good if you me-remove/uninstall programs that you no longer use or maybe you can turn off the service program (how terakir need foresight to do).

4.Komputer/Laptop Heat
Computer or laptop in general if too hot because the old are too manual, the device is working too hard, or perhaps due to the cooling systemnya not work properly, mark the cooling system is not working properly is usually the fan sounds louder.
That's the common problems that you should know as a user's computer, laptop or other gadgets that use the system komuterisasi (of course). Which, allowing for anticipation or tackle your own before you ask for professional help to overcome permalahan you consider more complicated.

5.Permasalahan with Input / Output:
Often her computer activity, we can not be separated by other activities; Eating example. When we eat while activities with automated computer flake food and dirt will stick on the keyboard and mouse if it is done often it will be entered into. routinely cleaned monthly with a brush for the keyboard and to wipe with a tissue moistened with alcohol to clean the mouse.
If the VGA port, printer, Lan Card and others are not functioning properly you should do in general is clean before you claim that this component is damaged. Why is the output port is often problematic? cases generally is that there are input ports are soiled by the dust and then inserted directly keport computer will contaminate and hinder the transfer of data
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Ford Introduces Gasket & Seal Machines Of Tyres And Waste Material Soy Foam

Detroit - United States car manufacturer, Ford Motor Company (Ford) has introduced an environmentally friendly engine gasket in 2008. Now, the manufacturer is re-introduced the gasket and seal machine from the waste tire materials and soy foam. As reported by autoevolution.com, Tuesday, July 13, 2011, gaskets and seals will be used for installation of machinery in the last 11 model Ford. "Gaskets and seals were made of new material consisting of 25 percent of recycled waste tires and renewable materials as much as 17 percent of soybeans," Ford said in a statement. Two components of the alloy material used rubber tires and soy that is claimed to have a power that is not inferior to the previous material. In fact, thanks to the use of new gaskets and seals are also slightly reduced the weight of the vehicle. In addition, the use of natural mineral materials can be reduced.

Happenings quality and safety of the product, Cynthia Flanigan, Technical, Research and Innovation Leader member Ford warranty. "While in use reasonable and uphold strict quality standards, the materials we use in our vehicles," he asserted. Vehicles that will use environmentally friendly seal that is the Ford Escape, Ford F-150, Ford F-250, Ford F-350, Ford Fiesta, Ford Flex, Ford Focus, Ford Mustang, Ford Taurus, Ford Transit Connect, and Lincoln MKS. Only, the manufacturer does not mention it started when a new vehicle with gaskets and seals last began to be marketed. Ford took the company's component suppliers of environmentally friendly polymeric Recycled Materials (RPM) to produce gaskets and seals it.

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Signs You Should Stop Driving

Washington - Driving a car for some people is an effort to maintain fitness, both physically and psychologically. The reason is, with driving, motor nerves to maintain the ability to remain untrained limb reflexes.
Likewise with the brain's ability to prevent Alzheimer's or dementia. Through the driving and trace the route changes, cognitive and sensory abilities in the brain will also remain honed.
However, for those who are elderly, there are certain restrictions when to stop driving alone. "That way, they need the help of others (private driver) to drive a car," according to one statement of the research Institute for Highway Safety (NHTSA) United States as reported by HealthDay News and newson6.com, Thursday, July 14, 2011.
There are at least eight signs you should immediately retire to drive. Among them:
1. Often forgotten or suddenly felt strange with the previously usual route traversed.
2. Many scratches or cuts or dents on the car because the vehicle often grazed or hit other vehicles or other objects.
3. Often obtain evidence of violations (speeding tickets) from law enforcement officers for various offenses that do not you realize. Violations could be because the wrong direction, wrong lane, improper parking, driving up the rate or speed that is not in accordance with the provisions.
4. Often experience or nearly had an accident. Although the accident rate was small, it indicates decreased concentration, koginitif aspects, sensory nerves, or motor.
5. The existence of recommendation from your doctor that you have to take a certain drug-related illness or symptoms of disease. The reason, taking certain medications can have considerable influence on the decrease in concentration.
The most common indication is the emergence of extreme drowsiness. People drowsy while driving will lose consciousness and as dangerous as those who drank alcohol.
6. Blurred vision. Some respondents who claimed to be found in the NHTSA study, see the road markings suddenly larger than the proper size. Although it has been aided by glasses, such a view persists.
7. Menggeber car unknowingly. Such events are very dangerous to themselves and other road users. It happened because the sensory abilities and reflexes of the body which begins to decline.
When you suddenly experience it, you should consult with a physician. If it is true that the reflexes and sensory power has declined, you should use a private chauffeur service.
8. No longer hear the roar of engines and horns of other vehicles. Generally, with age the ability of the organ of hearing is also decreased.
When that ability has declined drastically, should entrust the affairs of the driving to someone else. It indicates that you have not could not clearly hear the roar of the engine or other vehicle horns that are around your car.
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How to Tune Up On Car

fotoJakarta - Doing a tune up or restore the performance of the car did not have to shop, especially if only for routine maintenance. You just do it yourself at home. In addition to easy, the cost is cheap.
"With a record of no parts inside the machine that is problematic," said Ade Bujang, modifier GarasiAuto, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Monday, July 11, 2011.

According to Ade, the key to restore the performance or power a car that has been used several months of traveling is to make sure the ignition system of the engine back perfect. "Not only on cars that still use carburetors, but also has put on the injector. In combustion devices must be cleaned, "he said.
So what can be done? Here's an explanation Ade.
1. Clean air filter
The first and easiest thing to do is clean the filter or air filter. The trick, remove the device from the container, then use a compressor or other device that has a high wind pressure.
If no such equipment, you can use a soft brush size serempat. Then clean the dirt on the cells of the airways.
After that, use the fan and press the size of the highest wind gust. It was intended that dirt still attached missing.
Cleanliness of air filter condition also determines the result of combustion. "Because the air is dirty and mixed with fuel causes incomplete combustion process. As a result, labor was lackluster, "said Ade. However, if the device was very dirty, then it should be replaced.
2. Clean the spark plug and replace if worn
After cleaning the air filter, the next step is to clean the spark plug. These devices are vital to the process of burning fuel and air in the combustion chamber as a lighter engine.
When worn, the spark will not occur. As a result the process of combustion does not occur and the car was breaking down. "Spark plugs are just a sprinkle of fire also led to incomplete combustion," said Ade.
In addition to cleaning the spark plug axis and head to the brush, the level of estrangement should also be rearranged. To the level of estrangement, it should not be too tight and not too loose.

When the spark plug is worn out, should be replaced immediately. Generally, the ideal use of spark plugs is 20-25 thousand kilometers. Before installing the spark plug back into place, spray the spark plug hole by using carbon cleaner. It was intended to clean the crust or the remnants of burning in the hole.
3. Clean the carburetor or injector
In principle between the carburetor and injector has a similar function, that is a supplier of fuel into the engine combustion chamber.
If you have time and inclination, you should do the cleaning in the carburetor. The way is open all the nuts and bolts of the carburetor, then discard any remaining fuel. Use a small soft brush to remove dirt, then rinse the parts or components in the device by using gasoline or diesel.
Once clean, reinstall the valve set estrangement, buoys, and make sure the holes do not clog the carburetor.
If your car has been using the injector, the air filter off leading to the Thtrottle Body (TB). At the same time, turn the engine and spray injector cleaner into the throttle. "Spray it until three-quarters of the contents of cans and to keep in mind when spraying the engine must be turned on, about 15 minutes," said Ade.
Carbon liquid cleaner and injector cleaner sold at many auto parts stores or auto accessories. Lots of brands, quality, and price offered.
4. Apply pressure to the combustion chamber tugs
The way to do this pounding, you can simply turn on the ignition. Then, stepped on the gas pedal to the deepest level. Do it the way it is four to five times.
If you want to get the exact size of the stamping on the gas pedal, then use the indicator on the car. Hit the gas pedal until the appointment of RPM needle (levels engine rotation per minute) showed the highest position or redline.
"The way it is for the eroded crust or dirt in the fuel line and the combustion chamber so that the engine combustion process can be perfect again," said Ade.
After that, leave the engine running and the condition remains stationary or slow. When it has lasted 5-10 minutes, you can turn it off and tune-up process was completed.
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Cars Can Fly Through Terrafugia Public Road

New York - The Terrafugia Transition flying car, which is priced USD 1.8 billion per unit, are now allowed by the Institute for Highway Safety (NHTSA) used in the street or highway in the United States.
As written on the page huffingtonpost, July 9, 2011, since the end of June 2011 The Transition no longer parked at the airport or taken home by transported after takeoff and landed at the airport.
"Now, after flying, Terrafugia can be used in any way," said huffingtonpost.
The Terrafugia Transition flying car launched an aircraft manufacturer in Woburn, Massachusetts, United States.
After going through a series of trials and development since 2006, the Transition could be aired in the sky Plattsburgh, New York, and successfully landed smoothly in March 2010.
American Aviation Administration Transition states meet the standards of aircraft and aviation as well classify as a light-sport aircraft. However, this is not the right vehicle speeding down the street.
How to fly it is also quite easy. Cars must be driven up to speeds of 60 kilometers per hour before flying lever is pulled. In 30 seconds, electrically folding wing will automatically unfold.
Enough to drive this car for 2 people, with computer-operated navigation system. While in the air, the car weighs 650 pounds can fly 185 kilometers per hour. "Ideal distance that can be reached 644 kilometers," said Vice President Terrafugia, Richard Gersh, at a time.
On the highway, this car can be folded wings to stay as wide as 2 feet of span 8.4 meters.
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Mostly Motorists No Concentration In Driving

Washington - Concentrate while driving is a must do. In addition to convenience awake, the driver can also maneuver and choose the right path. Full concentration while driving is also very decisive road safety.
However, a study conducted Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), which is the representative office of the National Highway Safety Agency in the state of the United States showed alarming results.
"As many as 25-50 percent of the driver losing concentration or impaired while driving a car," the release of the institute as reported thecarconnection.com, Tuesday, July 12, 2011.
That fact is not messing around and baseless. GHSA admitted that figure is the conclusion of the study, published in 250 scientific manuscripts throughout 2000 until the first half of 2011. Scientific papers are then summarized in a paper contains 50 pages and titled "Distracted Driving: What Research Shows and What States Can Do."
Several important discoveries in the study were:
1. As many as 25-50 percent of drivers do not concentrate or disturbed his concentration while driving.
2. Some things that obstruct the driver while driving is visual disturbances, such as turning off the road in front of him, read the billboards, posters, and others. In addition, listening to the sound or sounds, like voices from outside the car, radio, tape and compact disc player is also a factor lowering the concentration of the other.
3. Other findings that are not less alarming is the third of the respondents admitted calling while driving. In fact, one in eight respondents said typing and sending short messages (SMS) via cell phone while controlling the car.
4. Approximately 15-30 percent of the accidents involved drivers who admitted the loss of concentration is the trigger of the accident.
5. Using hands free for easy talking on the phone was no safer than talking directly via mobile phones. The use of devices that still require special attention so that the concentration of the driver remains consumed.
6. Respondents believe that the rules prohibit calling and typing short messages on mobile phones in the long run does not have a significant impact in reducing accidents. The reason, loss of concentration is not solely because the two activities.
In addition to six of the above reasons, the researchers also found other factors cause the disruption of the driver's concentration. Some of it is manual and cognitive activity.
Manual activity in question is fiddling with something other than a steering wheel or the gear lever when shifting gears. "For example, tinkering with the audio system devices, cell phones, reading maps or brochures, and others."
As for cognitive impairment in question is thinking about something other than driving. Employment problems, household, and other social problems that burden the mind is a few things that cause the disruption of cognitive aspects
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Assistant Features Smart Infiniti

fotoTokyo - The tight competition in the luxury car market segment makes a number of car manufacturers continue to innovate. In addition to presenting a slick design with high-performance machines, they also compete to present the additional advanced features. No exception, Infiniti.
Luxury division of Nissan Motor Company (Nissan), the Monday, July 11, 2011, launched a new feature that will be installed on the newest products. Infiniti Personal Assistance (IPA), that's the name termutakhirnya features.
"Features of assistance services that can be accessed for 24 hours straight and free," so the statement as reported egmcartech.com Infiniti, Tuesday, July 12, 2011.
Interestingly, the service can be accessed via personal cellular telephone or through voice commands directly to devices utilizing Sync Voice Command. In fact, the voice commands that can be channeled through the hands-free devices are connected to the bluetooth in the car in question.
There are at least eleven courses offered services, namely:
1. Help and driving instructions, as well as the right direction when the driver got lost.
2. Guidance on the direction, condition, and the situation of a city designated driver.
3. Information on weather forecasts of a destination.
4. The information and recommendations for dinner, both favorites menu, price, place, and reservations.
5. The following information about the film reviewer storyline, players, and ranks among the kind of film that exists.
6. Help or tips to plan a trip.
7. Services or assistance in the face of emergencies.
8. Assistance or information that remind drivers about the schedule of activities to be conducted on one day.
9. Information on the capital market or money market to date.
10. Information about the sports favored driver, including the score results and review the course of the game match.
11. Information or reviews about the latest products, including the advantages offered by the following comparison of prices than similar products in the middle in the market.
That service features offered by Infiniti IPA. Only, the manufacturer has not provided information on model features Infiniti's what is going to be installed, as well as in areas where only those services provided.
Previously, as reported by autoweek.com, Carlos Ghosn, Nissan's Chief Executive Officer, said it will expand its marketing to the 71 countries. Currently, the brand has been marketed in 36 countries, both in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Brand it began to open an authorized dealer in Indonesia on 16 March. Takayuki Kimura, President Director of Infiniti Indonesia, on the sidelines of the inauguration said it hoped to sell the luxury car it as much as 200 units per year
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