Porsche Cayenne and Panamera sellers in Asia

Singapore - Porsche Cayenne and Panamera become the best-selling duo of Porsche products in Asia Pacific. Porsche Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (PAP) announced during the first half of 2011 - January to June - the PAP record sales of 2010 units or more than double the same period in 2010. Cayenne Panamera menyumbangka 55 percent and 27 percent.

Porsche's statement mentions during the year 2011, the New Cayenne sales reached 1081 units. From the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) was released in July 2010 and then, the New Cayenne has sold 1701 units.

The second model that gives the biggest contribution is the Panamera has a total of 8 variants, where three of them have been introduced at the beginning of this year. Mentoring model four-door Gran posted record sales of 546 units from the beginning until the end of June this year.

"These sales figures indicate if a Porsche is not only strong in the segment with the iconic 911 sports car, but also the Panamera and the Cayenne. We are confident to achieve more sales more than last year in the Asia Pacific region," said Christer Ekberg, Managing Director of Porsche Asia Pacific in keteranganya.

As for the region, Taiwan accounted for 32 percent while South Korea's 30 percent. Singapore and Malaysia each with a contribution of 14 and 10 percent.

What about Indonesia? Dinne Musu PR Manager of PT Artha Utama Eurokars Porsche distributor in Indonesia said Indonesia donate as much as 12 percent of sales. "This figure is similar to the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam," he said.

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