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fotoTokyo - The tight competition in the luxury car market segment makes a number of car manufacturers continue to innovate. In addition to presenting a slick design with high-performance machines, they also compete to present the additional advanced features. No exception, Infiniti.
Luxury division of Nissan Motor Company (Nissan), the Monday, July 11, 2011, launched a new feature that will be installed on the newest products. Infiniti Personal Assistance (IPA), that's the name termutakhirnya features.
"Features of assistance services that can be accessed for 24 hours straight and free," so the statement as reported Infiniti, Tuesday, July 12, 2011.
Interestingly, the service can be accessed via personal cellular telephone or through voice commands directly to devices utilizing Sync Voice Command. In fact, the voice commands that can be channeled through the hands-free devices are connected to the bluetooth in the car in question.
There are at least eleven courses offered services, namely:
1. Help and driving instructions, as well as the right direction when the driver got lost.
2. Guidance on the direction, condition, and the situation of a city designated driver.
3. Information on weather forecasts of a destination.
4. The information and recommendations for dinner, both favorites menu, price, place, and reservations.
5. The following information about the film reviewer storyline, players, and ranks among the kind of film that exists.
6. Help or tips to plan a trip.
7. Services or assistance in the face of emergencies.
8. Assistance or information that remind drivers about the schedule of activities to be conducted on one day.
9. Information on the capital market or money market to date.
10. Information about the sports favored driver, including the score results and review the course of the game match.
11. Information or reviews about the latest products, including the advantages offered by the following comparison of prices than similar products in the middle in the market.
That service features offered by Infiniti IPA. Only, the manufacturer has not provided information on model features Infiniti's what is going to be installed, as well as in areas where only those services provided.
Previously, as reported by, Carlos Ghosn, Nissan's Chief Executive Officer, said it will expand its marketing to the 71 countries. Currently, the brand has been marketed in 36 countries, both in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Brand it began to open an authorized dealer in Indonesia on 16 March. Takayuki Kimura, President Director of Infiniti Indonesia, on the sidelines of the inauguration said it hoped to sell the luxury car it as much as 200 units per year

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