Signs You Should Stop Driving

Washington - Driving a car for some people is an effort to maintain fitness, both physically and psychologically. The reason is, with driving, motor nerves to maintain the ability to remain untrained limb reflexes.
Likewise with the brain's ability to prevent Alzheimer's or dementia. Through the driving and trace the route changes, cognitive and sensory abilities in the brain will also remain honed.
However, for those who are elderly, there are certain restrictions when to stop driving alone. "That way, they need the help of others (private driver) to drive a car," according to one statement of the research Institute for Highway Safety (NHTSA) United States as reported by HealthDay News and, Thursday, July 14, 2011.
There are at least eight signs you should immediately retire to drive. Among them:
1. Often forgotten or suddenly felt strange with the previously usual route traversed.
2. Many scratches or cuts or dents on the car because the vehicle often grazed or hit other vehicles or other objects.
3. Often obtain evidence of violations (speeding tickets) from law enforcement officers for various offenses that do not you realize. Violations could be because the wrong direction, wrong lane, improper parking, driving up the rate or speed that is not in accordance with the provisions.
4. Often experience or nearly had an accident. Although the accident rate was small, it indicates decreased concentration, koginitif aspects, sensory nerves, or motor.
5. The existence of recommendation from your doctor that you have to take a certain drug-related illness or symptoms of disease. The reason, taking certain medications can have considerable influence on the decrease in concentration.
The most common indication is the emergence of extreme drowsiness. People drowsy while driving will lose consciousness and as dangerous as those who drank alcohol.
6. Blurred vision. Some respondents who claimed to be found in the NHTSA study, see the road markings suddenly larger than the proper size. Although it has been aided by glasses, such a view persists.
7. Menggeber car unknowingly. Such events are very dangerous to themselves and other road users. It happened because the sensory abilities and reflexes of the body which begins to decline.
When you suddenly experience it, you should consult with a physician. If it is true that the reflexes and sensory power has declined, you should use a private chauffeur service.
8. No longer hear the roar of engines and horns of other vehicles. Generally, with age the ability of the organ of hearing is also decreased.
When that ability has declined drastically, should entrust the affairs of the driving to someone else. It indicates that you have not could not clearly hear the roar of the engine or other vehicle horns that are around your car.

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