How to Tune Up On Car

fotoJakarta - Doing a tune up or restore the performance of the car did not have to shop, especially if only for routine maintenance. You just do it yourself at home. In addition to easy, the cost is cheap.
"With a record of no parts inside the machine that is problematic," said Ade Bujang, modifier GarasiAuto, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, Monday, July 11, 2011.

According to Ade, the key to restore the performance or power a car that has been used several months of traveling is to make sure the ignition system of the engine back perfect. "Not only on cars that still use carburetors, but also has put on the injector. In combustion devices must be cleaned, "he said.
So what can be done? Here's an explanation Ade.
1. Clean air filter
The first and easiest thing to do is clean the filter or air filter. The trick, remove the device from the container, then use a compressor or other device that has a high wind pressure.
If no such equipment, you can use a soft brush size serempat. Then clean the dirt on the cells of the airways.
After that, use the fan and press the size of the highest wind gust. It was intended that dirt still attached missing.
Cleanliness of air filter condition also determines the result of combustion. "Because the air is dirty and mixed with fuel causes incomplete combustion process. As a result, labor was lackluster, "said Ade. However, if the device was very dirty, then it should be replaced.
2. Clean the spark plug and replace if worn
After cleaning the air filter, the next step is to clean the spark plug. These devices are vital to the process of burning fuel and air in the combustion chamber as a lighter engine.
When worn, the spark will not occur. As a result the process of combustion does not occur and the car was breaking down. "Spark plugs are just a sprinkle of fire also led to incomplete combustion," said Ade.
In addition to cleaning the spark plug axis and head to the brush, the level of estrangement should also be rearranged. To the level of estrangement, it should not be too tight and not too loose.

When the spark plug is worn out, should be replaced immediately. Generally, the ideal use of spark plugs is 20-25 thousand kilometers. Before installing the spark plug back into place, spray the spark plug hole by using carbon cleaner. It was intended to clean the crust or the remnants of burning in the hole.
3. Clean the carburetor or injector
In principle between the carburetor and injector has a similar function, that is a supplier of fuel into the engine combustion chamber.
If you have time and inclination, you should do the cleaning in the carburetor. The way is open all the nuts and bolts of the carburetor, then discard any remaining fuel. Use a small soft brush to remove dirt, then rinse the parts or components in the device by using gasoline or diesel.
Once clean, reinstall the valve set estrangement, buoys, and make sure the holes do not clog the carburetor.
If your car has been using the injector, the air filter off leading to the Thtrottle Body (TB). At the same time, turn the engine and spray injector cleaner into the throttle. "Spray it until three-quarters of the contents of cans and to keep in mind when spraying the engine must be turned on, about 15 minutes," said Ade.
Carbon liquid cleaner and injector cleaner sold at many auto parts stores or auto accessories. Lots of brands, quality, and price offered.
4. Apply pressure to the combustion chamber tugs
The way to do this pounding, you can simply turn on the ignition. Then, stepped on the gas pedal to the deepest level. Do it the way it is four to five times.
If you want to get the exact size of the stamping on the gas pedal, then use the indicator on the car. Hit the gas pedal until the appointment of RPM needle (levels engine rotation per minute) showed the highest position or redline.
"The way it is for the eroded crust or dirt in the fuel line and the combustion chamber so that the engine combustion process can be perfect again," said Ade.
After that, leave the engine running and the condition remains stationary or slow. When it has lasted 5-10 minutes, you can turn it off and tune-up process was completed.

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