Two characteristic Automatic Transmission Problem

Automatic transmission issues are often covered in a variety of automotive media. However, often the owners of the cars still lay on the mechanism of action and the issues surrounding these devices.
"Most car owners know the comfort that only a given transmission and treatment must change the oil regularly and on time and type of oil," said Mohammed Pambudi, Service Advisor, Motor Kings, Sudimara, Tangerang, Saturday, July 16, 2011.
Therefore, said Pambudi, not a few car owners who behave indifferent even though the car has shown symptoms of a problem. As a result, the issue on their favorite vehicle of transmission devices have been in an acute condition when brought to the workshop.
"Because that's incomprehension, minor maintenance costs that should be great because most of the devices in the transmission must be replaced," said Pambudi.
Departing from the fact that, he suggested that car owners take steps to prevent by making early detection of problems in transmission.
According to him, there are two problems that often occur in the automatic transmission.
What? How do I prevent it? Pambudi following explanation:
1. Emerged a buzzing noise from the transmission system
At first it's a buzzing noise similar to the sound of the engine. However, over time it grew noisy sound with the advent of sound like a knock blunt objects that collided.
The sound comes from several components in the transmission devices conflicting because the mechanism of movement is hampered due to lack of strong impulse transmission oil. Oil is an essential component for the automatic transmission.
"Because, other than as a lubricant and keep the temperature in that section to keep them cool, as well as the fluid which gives the pressure when the gear change," said Pambudi.
When the oil is worn out or outdated, dirty, and the level keencerannya not meet the standards of the pressure and reduced lubrication. Conditions that affect the performance of existing components in the transmission system. One the signs are buzzing sound or noise.
When you see the symptoms were immediately drain and replace transmission oil. However, if it has been done and the symptom still occurs then the transmission must be overhauled and you have to replace the transmission device. "This is happening because of late oil change," said Pambudi.
2. The pull was heavy and the car seemed to be breaking down
If you often feel the car - an automatic transmission - heavy, do not rush to convict the engine compression or injector problem. It may be that the symptoms are a sign of transmission system problems.
It happened because of dirt or dust particles to agglomerate fine in oil. Dust or particles from the transmission canvas. Remember, the automatic transmission canvas amount more.
"Again, this can happen because of late oil change, or use the oil that is not appropriate or not in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations," said Pambudi.
As a result of oil that has been soiled or worn, the fluid pressure in the transmission system is weakened. The various components must work extra hard when the car is started, including canvas. As a result, the harsh friction ensued and the result of fine particles of powder.
Estuary, which is worn oil increased dirt. When that happens, pull the car as heavy though trampled in gas-in, even your vehicle power is lost as a car like that will strike.
To prevent problems, it is highly recommended replacing the transmission oil every car has traveled 20 thousand kilometers. In addition, select the appropriate oil and in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.
Another thing that should be remembered, should not flit from one brand to another brand. Because, despite the same level of viscosity and specifications, additives and different concoctions.
The difference concerns the character of a substance that reacts chemically to form new compounds. The result, the transmission of troubled

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