How To Know Condition Used Car Engine

Not feel Idul Fitri live one and a half months away. For those of you who celebrate it, certainly when it should begin to prepare everything, including the preparation of Lebaran.
Especially if you want to prepare the vehicle as a means of going home by buying a used car. "Because, for those who use cars, like whatever the circumstances, still need to prepare, starting from the condition of the engine to a variety of supporting devices," said Kusnandar, mechanical Sejahtera Motor, Jatinegara, East Jakarta, Tuesday, July 12, 2011.
Extra attention is required if you want to buy a used car. The reason is, just before Idul Fitri, the demand for cars is also increasing. Therefore, prospective buyers often paying less attention to the condition of machines and devices supporting the car he's after.

"Generally, prospective buyers simply fooled by the physical appearance. Paint is still shiny, smooth body without injury, and the fragrant smell of the cabin, "said Kusnandar.
In fact, the car dealer before selling his wares to wash and clean the car cabin. In fact, not infrequently a little polish the exterior so that the car really looks smooth.
Therefore, checking the condition of the engine used car to buy is a must do. Quite easy. Like what? Kusnandar following explanation:
1. Pay attention to the engine sound
Make sure the car engine sound is still smooth and constant when the engine is stationary or when turned on without stomping the gas and audio devices and air conditioning (AC) is disabled. Make sure there is no sound like metal clashing or rubbing.
The trick, take the car to a quiet place. First, turn off the engine and then turn three to five minutes and listen. Repeat it, then open the car hood or engine cover.
"Also make sure the machine is not clogged or wheezing when the machine is in a state of stationary or slow," said Kusnandar.
2. Make sure no oil or fuel leaks
After looking at the condition of the engine sound, the next step is to make sure no oil or fuel seepage at the bottom of the car. Having not found at the bottom of the car, turn your attention to the machine directly.
The trick, open the hood. Then, observe one by one part of the engine and make sure there is no seepage of oil or other liquids. Note also that there are bolts and nuts. If there is a new bolt or screw that the edges have been dol, ask the dealer or owner who sold it.
"Seepage oil and the damaged bolts indicate the possibility of machines having a problem," explained Kusnandar.
It needs to be confirmed directly. If the answers seem dubious or cover-up, immediately leave the car.
3. Observe exhaust tip
Another way to determine the condition of a used car engine exhaust tip is to look at the car in question. Signs or marks in the engine combustion products in exhaust tip give a fairly accurate clues about the condition of the car in question.
How, to clean up exhaust tip with a clean cloth. After that turn on the ignition and give a little thump on the gas pedal a few times.
Even when necessary, ask the seller to run a car in several times a round. After that consider the exhaust tip.
When the exhaust tip and a lot of black soot is a mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chamber is not ideal. The composition of the fuel is too much rather than air so incomplete combustion and wasteful of fuel.
Typically, a car like that, her strength is also lousy. Because the engine compression level also dropped.
If at the end of the exhaust there are a lot of secondhand smoke seepage and spraying oil on the exhaust tip means there is seepage of oil into the engine combustion chamber. It happened because the seal on a worn engine, valve problems, or even the handlebars and the piston head problematic.
"The car as it is called" ngobos ". In addition to the lackluster power, acceleration is also terrible, "explained Kusnandar.
The engine is still good to see from one end of a clean exhaust with reddish brown color.
4. Do a road test to determine the acceleration
When all the indicators you look at and have not found any suspicious things, the next step is to conduct the road test. It's useful to know how much the acceleration capabilities of the car and what kind of engine power output.
Perform the test in various road conditions, whether a traffic jam, uphill and down, and roads are winding. In order to get an idea of ​​acceleration, do the test on the streets are straight and have a considerable distance.
Do it through the quiet streets and no one passing by. Once the machine is turned on and the teeth are in position one, then stepped on the gas pedal and a half and for a tooth to third position by constantly stepping on the gas pedal.
When the speed changes from one gear to another gear and engine speed fast enough means acceleration is still good. And vice versa.
The power to know, do the same. However, the path used is an uphill road is quite sharp, at least a slope of 20-30 degrees is enough to menggeber car.
When the incline after incline can be passed and the car is not panting or wailing, means the power is still okay.

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