Cars Can Fly Through Terrafugia Public Road

New York - The Terrafugia Transition flying car, which is priced USD 1.8 billion per unit, are now allowed by the Institute for Highway Safety (NHTSA) used in the street or highway in the United States.
As written on the page huffingtonpost, July 9, 2011, since the end of June 2011 The Transition no longer parked at the airport or taken home by transported after takeoff and landed at the airport.
"Now, after flying, Terrafugia can be used in any way," said huffingtonpost.
The Terrafugia Transition flying car launched an aircraft manufacturer in Woburn, Massachusetts, United States.
After going through a series of trials and development since 2006, the Transition could be aired in the sky Plattsburgh, New York, and successfully landed smoothly in March 2010.
American Aviation Administration Transition states meet the standards of aircraft and aviation as well classify as a light-sport aircraft. However, this is not the right vehicle speeding down the street.
How to fly it is also quite easy. Cars must be driven up to speeds of 60 kilometers per hour before flying lever is pulled. In 30 seconds, electrically folding wing will automatically unfold.
Enough to drive this car for 2 people, with computer-operated navigation system. While in the air, the car weighs 650 pounds can fly 185 kilometers per hour. "Ideal distance that can be reached 644 kilometers," said Vice President Terrafugia, Richard Gersh, at a time.
On the highway, this car can be folded wings to stay as wide as 2 feet of span 8.4 meters.

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